I’m a Geordie through – my dad even has the genealogy papers to prove it!

I live by the Coast and wouldn’t move for the world. Why when the beach is a 15 minute walk away?!

My fiancĂ© is my favourite human – don’t worry soppy posts are projected to be minimum. My family are more amazing than we will ever comprehend. So much strength I wouldn’t know where to begin.

I like make-up and ‘putting my face on’ from time to time. Tuesdays are when I’m most likely to wear a face of make-up all day so began the hashtag #tarteduptuesday over on my instagram most Tuesdays to celebrate when I can play with it! Please check it out and join in!

Posts are subject to topic change on a regular basis because I’m indecisive like that so mixing it up is the best option!