Hello there!

My name is Rachel and I’m a North East lass born and bred.


You are likely to find me somewhere near the coast; I try not to take where I live and what it has on offer for granted. I’m all for finding new places to eat, shop and visit.

I’m very into ‘putting my face on’ when I’m not at my full time job – which consists of steam blowing in my face regularly – so to coincide with my usual days off you will find #tarteduptuesday over on my instagram most Tuesdays to celebrate when I can play with it! The aim is to start turning these into full blog posts from time to time for any new product finds and my make-up bag staples.

Being a newly-wed and homeowner is the start of a new adventure I’m having fun discovering. Whether it’s homeware, cooking or appreciation of my relationship with my new husband.

So, let’s get started!



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