A drink with a Demagorgon. Any fans of the Netflix Original series Stranger Things will instantly recognise my reference in the title. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look it up - it's fantastic! Carl and I went for a mini city break to Edinburgh and before heading north discovered some fans... Continue Reading →


What Not to Say to Newly-Weds

Now, this post is very much my own opinion and experiences on some rather popular phrases I've had directed at myself since getting married a few months ago. Experiences may differ for individuals and feelings may vary but just a helpful hint if you wish not to be stared down by a blushing no-longer-bride. There... Continue Reading →

Why a long haul flight was my first

As you've noticed it's been EXTREMELY quiet on the blog front! In the past two months I married my best friend and we bought our first home together. So safe to say it's been rather busy and working full time in the mix was beyond words! Following all the commotion of wedding planning and house... Continue Reading →

It’s oh so quiet . . .

So, it has been a wee bit quiet on this for a while and I am very disappointed I haven't been able to keep on top of it. Sorry folks!! All for good reason though as Carl and I have just bought our first ever house! And then we get married in two weeks! AHHH!... Continue Reading →

A Day Out in Durham

I've never owned a passport. I know, how have I managed without one?! I was required to go for an interview at Her Majesty's Passport Office in Durham City, so I got in touch with my good friend Amy and decided we'd make a day of it! We met up in Newcastle's Central Station and... Continue Reading →

Thank you Mr Postman!

This is going to initially sound like a very whiney post but I promise it is for a reason! Over the past few weeks I have had a right nightmare trying to receive a package from Royal Mail! I ordered a package from  Now That's Charming over on Etsy. I'll get to her later. To... Continue Reading →

My Happiness Planner

Now some of you may have already heard of The Happiness Planner , but those of you who don't - or want to read more about them - here's my take. I feel like I tend to put myself almost second to others and concentrate more on their wellbeing rather than my own. Not that... Continue Reading →

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